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Using advanced monitoring technology, personalized care, and one-on-one weekly nurse calls—you’ve got a new way to reach your health goals.

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As of 2/25/2023

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  • 93%

    of patients recommend CopilotIQ to someone struggling with type 2 diabetes or hypertension.1

Why Patients Choose CopilotIQ


A comprehensive and data-driven approach

By leveraging in-home devices to collect 1,000 times more data, predictive artificial intelligence paired with a remote personal nurse—we deliver holistic and thoughtful care.

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Proactive interventions

With daily data collection, we’ll continuously monitor your readings and identify potential risks before they escalate into an emergency.

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Weekly calls with a US-based nurse

Your nurse will schedule convenient weekly calls to discuss your progress, challenges and ensure you’re on the right track.

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Personalized plans tailored to your life

Focusing on dietary modifications, physical activity, lifestyle adjustments, and daily readings—your nurse will develop a plan built around your health goals.

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Hear From Patients

Ben L

Ben L.

Patient since 2021

I love the encouragement that I get to keep both of my conditions under control better than if I was just doing it myself. A call each week or two certainly does help to keep me taking my meds regularly each day as I improve my health and heal my leg ulcers as well. I feel my blood sugar and BP are much better regulated now and that I can keep it within DOT guidelines to possibly be able to drive for work sometime soon. Thanks!

Verified review
Linda T

Linda T.

Patient since 2022

Nobody could get my sugar level down. Now I eat better, right food, and I was like 15 and now am a 7. Thank god and CopilotIQ. Brantley calls me on Wednesday. She helps me she said I came a long way. I dont eat candy, sweets, and soft drinks. They help me live longer.”

Verified review
Joe S

Joe S.

Patient since 2021

“I am very pleased with both the blood pressure and glucose monitors. It's great to have access to a record of my daily readings. My primary doctor is impressed!

Verified review
Stella W

Stella W.

Patient since 2022

I am in this program and i love it. I check my blood pressure once in the morning and once at night. And i do the same with my blood glucose everyday and at the end of the week my nurse calls to go over my readings with me. They send your PCP the results if you want them to they also send you what you need to check your blood pressure and your blood glucose and with that it sends the readings direct to copilotIQ.

Verified review
Toshimasa W

Toshimasa W.

Patient since 2021

I had my first session with my nurse. She is very supportive to my needs to improve my health. I never had such an experience which a medical expert is monitoring my glucose level daily and to have a weekly session to review and comment. And I expect to receive recommendations to achieve my health goal. What a great service! Thank you CopilotIQ!!

Verified review
Thelma T

Thelma T.

Patient since 2023

This is a most helpful service that is available through your insurance. Today I received a new b/p monitor very much updated and easy to use .Also your readings are sent to your primary Care physician. My contact person is named Kily,she is such a sweet and caring nurse and she contacts me on a regular basis.

Verified review

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"People deserve quality, compassionate care to treat their chronic conditions. At CopilotIQ, we pair the latest technology with a world-class care team to help our members live longer, healthier lives"

  • Dr. Matt Oettinger, Chief Medical Officer
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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes CopilotIQ different?
CopilotIQ is revolutionizing the way chronic conditions including diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease are managed for patients over 65 years old. By collecting data at a scale 1,000 times greater than traditional methods, we combine predictive artificial intelligence with continuous monitoring and a dedicated remote personal nurse to deliver world-class care.

Data-driven care

By collecting data on a daily basis, we will continuously monitor your readings, detect possible risks, and take action before they turn into an emergency.

Unlimited nurse support

You’ll get assigned a US-based nurse that will schedule weekly calls at your convenience. This nurse will monitor your progress, discuss any challenges, and help you stay on track. Using RemoteIQ, our AI-driven software—your nurse will be able to identify any potential issues, correlate your health readings with your daily choices, and provide you with thoughtful support.

Personalized plans

Focusing on dietary modifications, physical activity, lifestyle adjustments, and daily readings—your nurse will develop a plan built around your health goals. We then connect readings to daily choices and truly provide personalized care.
What insurance does CopilotIQ accept?
We currently accept most Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans.
Am I eligible?
You are eligible if you have Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan and live in one of the eleven states we serve. The states we are currently available in are: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 930-5144, we would be happy to assist you.
How do I enroll?
Call us at (800) 930-5144 and speak to a member of our patient services team to find out if you're eligible. They'll give you an overview of our services, ask you a few questions, and answer any questions about CopilotIQ.
What happens after I enroll?
Once you enroll, you will be sent our devices and connected to a personal nurse to discuss your medical history, nutrition concerns, and health goals. You'll also set up your weekly calls with your nurse. All your readings are automatically sent to our medical team to chart and analyze.
Do I need any technology?
No, CopilotIQ devices are ready to use out of the box and come with everything you need, so you can start getting the care you deserve immediately. You will need access to a telephone for your weekly nurse calls.
What services does CopilotIQ provide?
You'll get assigned a US-based nurse and have weekly phone calls throughout your time with us. We provide personalized care tailored to your goals, weight management plans, and diet & exercise guidance. And you'll have unlimited access to your nurse. Your daily readings are sent to our medical staff, charted, and analyzed, giving you consistent and high-quality care.

Have more questions?

If you're looking to learn more, our patient services team will be happy to help you.

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