Get essential data to enhance the quality of care you provide to your patients


We’re transforming care for seniors with a technology-enabled virtual care model


We leverage in-home devices to collect an average of 1,000 readings annually— providing the most accurate picture of your patient’s health.


Our daily data collection will monitor changes in health, detect patterns, and flag potential health issues from turning into emergencies.

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Eighty-six percent of CopilotIQ patients found their weekly calls with their dedicated nurse to be helpful managing their condition.1


Participants who actively engaged in the digital remote monitoring program exhibited a 4.5% higher medication adherence rate.2

By accessing 1,000's more readings, your care will get more personalized and your treatments more effective

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Continuous monitoring

By regularly tracking the levels of glucose, blood pressure, and vital signs, we develop a comprehensive overview of your patient's health status.

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Prevention and interventions

With daily data collection, we’ll constantly monitor readings, identify potential risks, and intervene before they escalate into an emergency.

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Ongoing support

Each patient gets paired with a US-based nurse who stays with them throughout their journey with us. They’ll set up convenient weekly calls to track progress, answer questions, and help them stay accountable.

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Personalized care

We'll help your patients receive more tailored and effective care using predictive artificial intelligence coupled with a dedicated remote nurse.

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Empower your patients with extra care

Discover how CopilotIQ helps you drive actionability in your patient's treatment using AI technology, continuous monitoring, and a dedicated nurse.

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    Joe S

    I am very pleased with both the blood pressure and glucose monitors. It's great to have access to a record of my daily readings. My primary doctor is impressed!

    - Joe S. Sarasota

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does CopilotIQ replace current doctors?
    No, we will never replace any PCPs or healthcare providers. You can consider us an extension of care, a partner, a helping hand to help get patients healthier.
    Who does CopilotIQ serve?
    We serve individuals 65 and older on a Medicare or Medicare Advantage plan. And we are currently treating type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.
    How do I access my patient’s information?
    We will send you a patient graph in color, a detailed chart of your patient’s readings. You can receive these charts every 30 days or at any frequency you choose. We will identify potential risks and automatically flag them for you before they escalate into an emergency.
    Does CopilotIQ prescribe medications?
    We will work closely with a patient’s healthcare provider to prescribe or titrate medication on a case-by-case basis.
    What does CopilotIQ provide?
    Each patient gets assigned a US-based nurse. The nurse will craft a personalized plan to help them reach their health goals. They’ll set up weekly calls to discuss their readings, progress, weight management, nutrition guidance, and exercise routine. We provide the devices and all necessary supplies.

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