High-quality, advanced, and thoughtful healthcare

Caring for type 2 diabetes and hypertension requires more than sporadic readings and occasional doctor visits. CopilotIQ captures 1,000 times more data and pairs AI technology with a dedicated nurse to provide thoughtful and proactive care.


How it Works

An innovative and holistic approach

CopilotIQ differs from conventional care, which typically works off a single blood pressure and glucose measurement yearly. This data point guides decisions around medication, dosage, and suggested lifestyle modifications. And with this lack of visibility, patients risk being incorrectly prescribed. Primary care physicians don’t have the data support they need—and that’s where CopilotIQ comes in. We zoom in and focus on collecting 1,000 times more readings and sharing the data with your PCP. Along with a dedicated remote nurse and a customized plan, we help your provider unlock a more detailed picture of your health profile.

Personalized plans and ongoing support

After enrollment, we'll pair you with a US-based nurse who will schedule weekly calls and stay with you throughout your time with us. Concentrating on diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes, your nurse will build a plan that improves your quality of life. They'll work collectively with your PCP helping them to stabilize readings, taper or increase medication, and take preventive measures on any red flags in your data. Your PCP and CopilotIQ nurse collaborate to deliver the care you need to live longer.

Deliberate and effective care

By connecting the data to your nurse’s fingertips—your support gets personal, and your treatments get impactful. Your nurse will be there with guidance and advice, helping you stay on track. Daily data collection will monitor changes in your health, detect patterns, and identify potential health issues. By combining continual monitoring with intentional and consistent support—you’ll start to regain control of your health.

  • 91%

    of patients look forward to continuing with CopilotIQ's service.1

Enroll With 4 Simple Steps

  • Confirm eligibility

    If you're 65 and older and have Medicare—give us a call. You'll speak with a member of our patient services team, who will enroll you over the phone. Make sure to have your insurance card and medication list on hand.

  • Tell us about yourself

    To successfully enroll in CopilotIQ and get assigned to a US-based nurse, we'll ask you some standard questions about your medical and medication history. We'll need you to come prepared with a list of your current medications.

  • Receive your devices

    You'll get a glucose monitor and/or blood pressure cuff with supplies delivered to your door in a few days. You'll have an introduction call with a dedicated nurse to discuss your health goals, how to operate the devices, and anything else about our program.

  • Get ongoing care

    You'll stay motivated with consistent care from your nurse. They’ll set up weekly calls to track progress, discuss obstacles, offer nutrition guidance, and work closely with you to make sure you’re on the right path.

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If you're looking to learn more, our patient services team will be happy to help you.

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Hear From Patients

Elizabeth L.

Patients since 2022

I been on this program for about two months. My nurse Michelle great.we talk every week she make sure I'm on track.

Verified review

Toshimasa W.

Patient since 2022

I am highly motivated to take care of my health but having a personal nurse who checks my glucose level regularly and call me weekly is truly wonderful. Having a professional medical coach to control my glucose level with good questions and suggestions is even more motivating to do better. I now look forward to speaking with this great nurse. I am so fortunate find this program on Facebook. I was skeptical at first but I am glad I made the call.

Verified review

Nick P.

Patient since 2021

I've been with Copilot Medical for about a year and Lexie my nurse keep me accountable every week. She is very helpful and always sending me great information about what to eat and how to keep my sugar under control.

Verified review

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes CopilotIQ different?
CopilotIQ is revolutionizing the way chronic conditions including diabetes, hypertension, CHF and COPD are managed for patients over 65 years old. By collecting data at a scale 1,000 times greater than traditional methods, we combine predictive artificial intelligence with continuous monitoring and a dedicated remote personal nurse to deliver world-class care.

Data-driven care

By collecting data on a daily basis, we will continuously monitor your readings, detect possible risks, and take action before they turn into an emergency.

Unlimited nurse support

You’ll get assigned a US-based nurse that will schedule weekly calls at your convenience. This nurse will monitor your progress, discuss any challenges, and help you stay on track. Using RemoteIQ, our AI-driven software—your nurse will be able to identify any potential issues, correlate your health readings with your daily choices, and provide you with thoughtful support.

Personalized plans

Focusing on dietary modifications, physical activity, lifestyle adjustments, and daily readings—your nurse will develop a plan built around your health goals. We then connect readings to daily choices and truly provide personalized care.
What services does CopilotIQ provide?
You'll get assigned a US-based nurse and have weekly phone calls throughout your time with us. We provide personalized care tailored to your goals, weight management plans, and diet & exercise guidance. And you'll have unlimited access to your nurse. Your daily readings are sent to our medical staff, charted, and analyzed, giving you consistent and high-quality care.
How much does CopilotIQ cost?
Our services are reimbursed by Medicare. There is no out of pocket cost for shipping, devices, or check-ins with our medical staff.
Am I eligible?
You are eligible if you have Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan and live in one of the eleven states we serve. The states we are currently available in are: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 930-5144, we would be happy to assist you.
Does CopilotIQ provide continuous glucose monitors?
We do not currently offer continuous glucose monitors. Our meters have built-in cellular connection technology, so every reading you take is automatically sent to your nurse for charting and analysis. Our glucose meters use finger prick technology, which is the best way to get the most accurate readings.
Where are my readings sent?
Clinical staff members have access to your medical information and do not share this information unless explicitly requested by you. CopilotIQ follows standard security practices, including data encryption and private clouds.
Can I cancel anytime?
Yes, you can cancel at any time. There are no contracts or obligations.