We are on a mission to bring world-class care to seniors living with chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension

Our firm conviction lies in believing every patient deserves access to expert healthcare monitoring to identify potential risks, consistent data collection, thoughtful support, and personalized care.

Why is the current approach to chronic condition management not working?

The solution isn’t more medication. Or more trips to the doctor’s office. The solution is a patient-focused model driven by data and consistent care. 

There’s a data gap

Inconsistent and infrequent readings lead to overprescribing and inadequate treatment plans. This data gap not only hinders doctors’ ability to comprehend the issue at hand but also impedes their ability to treat and possibly prevent it.

The patient's lifestyle isn't evident

We can deliver more holistic care when we gain insight into a patient’s eating habits, daily movement, stress levels, and other lifestyle factors. We can connect readings to daily choices and truly provide personalized care.

The focus is not on preventive care

With compromised visibility into a patient’s daily health and a limited patient-provider feedback loop—treatment today doesn’t focus on the root of the conditions.


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Transformative care at your fingertips

CopilotIQ is changing the landscape of chronic condition management for patients 65 and older. We’re collecting 1,000 times more data, pairing predictive artificial intelligence and continuous monitoring with a remote personal nurse to provide optimal care.

We’re preventing heart attacks and strokes before they happen. CopilotIQ is pioneering a solution that prevents diabetes and hypertension from becoming a crisis.

We’re collecting 1,000 times more data than traditional healthcare providers.

Before an emergency arises, our AI-powered software identifies problems, flags them to a nurse to take action, and powers treatment plans.

By pairing consistent remote nurses with AI technology, patients get personalized and proactive care.

We aim to significantly increase the number of data points from thousands to millions by expanding the use of wearables and other non-invasive devices.

Meet Our Team

Our team comprises professionals with a wealth of experience in the medical, engineering, and technology fields. They’re committed to providing our patients with world-class care and are dedicated to improving the lives of older Americans with chronic conditions.

Leadership Team

David Koretz
  • Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Alice Greene
  • Managing Physician
Felix Pomerantz
  • Chief Financial Officer
Yuly Tenorio
  • Head of Engineering
Steven McKenzie
  • VP of Sales
Dave Hinrichsen
  • VP of Revenue Cycle Management
Marion Gibson
  • Director of Nursing
Sarah Stafford
  • Director of Operations
Jake McIntyre
  • VP of Growth Marketing

Medical Team

Dr. Mark Rice
  • Medical Advisory Board
Dr. Long Hoang
Dr. Fatima Hussein
Dr. Kelly Tenbrink
Dr. Ana Lisa Carr

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